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It’s not a problem exclusive to Scotch/Barrack Street. I’ve noticed it in Navan Steet, Thomas Street,English Street and quite a lot on Desart Lane! The majority of dog owners are very responsible though.

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Banbrook Hill has a terrible problem with dog poo there are no bins to encourage people 😕

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I have saw dog walkers allow their dog on an off the lead to deposit and walk on. Even on and around the mall where there are loads of bins. It’s disgusting especially with soo many people and children frequenting the mall.

It doesn’t take much to bring a refuse doggy bag and lift it. I have two dogs and would never ever leave it. My dog my responsibility.

I don’t know how this can be addressed.

On the spot fines yes if the council see them but Joe Public can’t really do very much as most of the time these people are not known to us.

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